The Planner’s Guide to Thriving in Engineering and Construction Projects

Planrama provides actionable insights and resources to help you get your career into high gear


Are you Searching for Clarity?

Overwhelming by too many things to learn to start planning a career, or feel like hitting the wall not knowing where to go next?

Self-Doubt in Building Your Next Project Plan?

Struggling to build a great schedule that your team trusts or still don’t have the confidence to develop a project plan, although you’ve learned planning tools like P6?

Find Insights into Progress Measurement & Reporting

What does progress truly mean for your project? How can you ensure that the measurements you set up truly reflect your project’s progress?

Gain the Confidence You Deserve

Planning and Scheduling Guides

Gain clarity on how you can develop and manage project schedules.

Progress Measurement & Reporting

Access guidance and resources to master implementing the progress measurement of your next project.

Primavera P6 Professional Tutorials

Build your planning muscle with practical techniques that applied to real-world projects