When you are asked to develop a schedule based on a D&B contract (Design and Build or D&C – Design and Construct) – you might wonder what’s different from other types of projects. What are the WBS?

That’s right; the planner should always ask himself and clarify with the team about the type of the project and identify the key information before beginning to develop the schedule. Why? It will save you time, effort, and unnecessary stress from reworks.

In most cases, the owner receives the design package from the engineer first and then issues the tender to award the construction contract.

In this case, the project scope for the contractor would not include the design package. You don’t need to worry about WBS/activity requirements for design work on the contractor portion of the schedule.

So, what a D&B contract is different from other project delivery methods?  A design and build contractor provides both services – design and construction of the project. Contractors work with architects and engineers to create a project’s design and execute the construction work.

That means,.. when you develop the schedule D&B contract, the project scope will include all works from the design approval to the completion of construction work.

Here is a simple building construction WBS for D&B.

1. Design and Engineering

1.1   Architectural Design
1.2   Civil and Structural Design
1.2.1    Design Preparation and Submission
1.2.2    Design Review
1.2.3    Design Revision
1.2.4    Design Approval for Construction
1.2.5    Issue Construction Drawing

2. Procurement

2.1   M & E Materials
2.2   Piling Materials
2.3   Architectural Finishes
2.4   Structural Materials

3. Pre-Construction

3.1   Mobilization
3.2   Demolition/Modification (as required)
3.3   Pre-Fabrication
3.3.1     Precast Concrete
3.3.2     Prefab piping
3.3.3     Prefab structural steel

4. Major Construction

4.1   Location (i.e. Building A, B)
4.1.1    Piling
4.1.2    Civil foundation
4.1.3    Structural Works
4.1.4    Architectural and M & E Works    Electrical Lighting and Earthing    Architectural Works    Painting, Fittings, Furniture    IT network system    Fire Protection System    HVAC System

You can also create these WBS as a mind map view.

I hope this will help you start schedule development and expand the WBS and schedule into further details.

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